Welcome to the official fanlisting for Busted's version of The Black Eyed Peas song, Where Is The Love? This site is a proud part of thefanlistings.org! This fanlisting was opened on June 12th 2004.

Member count: 105. (last checked for updates 8th March 2008)

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First of all, a fanlisting is a site to bring fans of a particular subject together from around the world and have them listed in one place. To learn more, go to thefanlistings.org.

This is the official fanlisting for Busted's brilliant version of the Black Eyed Peas number one hit, Where Is The Love? If you like the song too, go join!

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1. Obvious rule. You must like Busted's version of Where Is The Love? You don't have to like the original though.
2. You do not need a website to join, however you must supply a valid email address.
3. If you do have a site, please add a code to it to show you're a hater. And after all, I'm linking you on here, so shouldn't you do the same in return? If I don't find the code, I will add you to the members list, but without a URL.
4. Please use your real name. It's fine to use a nickname, but nothing stupid like 'mattsgurl4eva' or something.

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Save one of these and put it on your site (DO NOT direct link - please upload to your own server) to show you're a proud fan. And remember to link it back to http://www.bustedonline.org/troof.




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